#DrinkingAboutPreservation – First MeetUp


Image from British Library Flickr

I’m dusting off my rather-neglected blog to post details of the Drinking About Preservation meetup on Tuesday 18th February 2014, start time of 6:30-7pm. The venue will be The Harrison a pub just south of Kings Cross in the Bloomsbury district of Central London, who are happy to accommodate 25+ digital preservation people! Click on the link for directions + map.

The idea grew out of a Twitter conversation (thanks to @mopennock for the push I needed to take it into real life!) . I put up a Doodle poll and realised that there were lots of people keen to meet up informally and chat about digital preservation. Thanks to @nataliafay who, as one of the organisers of  London Open Drinks (meeting at the same pub on 11th Feb) tipped me off to a good central venue for our first meetup.

If you registered interest but are unable to attend, there will hopefully be other meetups in the future (if this one works out!!) that you’ll be able to come along to. If you’re interested but not in London, watch this space as there was interest in possible venues outside London for similar events at some point.

If you’d like to come along but missed the poll, please feel free to come along. We should, hopefully, have a section of the pub to ourselves, and will be the crowd comparing checksums and talking OAIS in the corner 😉

I’ll blog after the event too, so check back to see how it went and for news on if we will be doing it again.

Here’s to raising a beer/cocktail/cup of tea to digital preservation soon 🙂

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