On Not Attending A Workshop


Photo of Scott Brander  of CiA & St Andrews introducing the workshop, via @jamestoon (who *did* attend the workshop).

On Friday, I didn’t attend the CERIF In Action workshop on transferring research data to RCUK and other organisations. I wanted to attend, but work, time, funds etc. etc. conspired against me. I really did want to know what was happening in this area, though, so I tried to follow the day via Twitter. I’ve done this before and it has been OK,  but it was a busy day on Friday, full of small distractions like phone calls, deadlines and the usual things that keep me from the serious business of reading and tweeting. I caught enough to grab my interest, but not enough to really get a flavour of what was going on.

So I mused over tea and cakes (Friday afternoon treat, it’s not the highlife here every afternoon) about how I might be able to be able to time travel and attend the workshop on another day. And I thought about Storify. What if I took the Twitter timeline for the event, added it to Storify, then embellished it with links and further info? Would that be useful?

So I tried – here is it.

It’s a work in progress as there are still blog posts to be added once they are published. And I may continue to add links and information after that, as I read around the subject.

It wasn’t as good as being there and having tea and cake with repo friends. But I have information, some notes, some chat and links to follow.  Not a bad deal for time travelling, and a sketchier but still useful enough version of the notes I would’ve taken away from the day.

Thanks to all the people who tweeted from the workshop under the #cerifinaction hashtag

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