DataFlow Developers Success in the OR12 Developer Challenge

Left to right – Ben O’Steen, Mahendra Mahey of DevCSI, Richard Jones

The DataFlow project is very much about development, so it’s not surprising that two of the entries for the Developer Challenge at the OR12 conference where from members of the development team, Ben O’Steen and Richard Jones, both of Cottage Labs.

Ben worked on an idea that originated with Cameron Neylon of the Science & Technology Facilities Council and developed Is This Research Readable?. The idea was to develop a service that checks whether published articles are actually able to be read. Based on DOIs, the service will check a DOI to see whether the article is available and readable or is, in fact, hidden behind a paywall.  The full pitch and proof of concept are now available. Contact Ben and Cameron via Twitter.

Richard worked with Mark MacGillivray (also of Cottage Labs) on SWORD IT! a javascript widget that a researcher could easily embedded in their own web pages. Once in place, the widget would automatically track the repository deposits of the researcher, providing useful statistics and other information. Their demo showed the basics and described how they would develop it further. You can watch Mark describe the idea in more detail, and check out their work so far. Contact Richard and Mark on Twitter.

Photo by zaleary, via Flickr.

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